Custom Handmade Wooden Clocks: Custom Desk Clocks - Custom Mantel Clocks - Custom Wall Clocks. 'Custom' - makes it 'special'.

VanEss Expressions has handcrafted a variety of custom wooden desk, mantel and wall clocks - most of which were roughly based on one of our own original clock designs - maybe a different wood, custom shape, scaled up size, etc. We have also received request for some totally custom pieces with very specific requirements and needing a lot of preliminary work. And we have had customers come to us with a unique situation - looking for a custom solution.

Wooden clocks make excellent gifts - practical and appreciated for years to come. Wedding gifts, house-warming gifts, Anniversary gifts (a handcrafted wooden clock is perfect for a 5th [wood] Anniversary), gifts for family & friends, gifts for co-workers & students. And making it 'custom' makes the gift extra special.

Check out our 'Desk-Mantel Clocks', or 'Wall Clocks-Decor', to see the wooden clocks currently available, and to get an idea of the types of wooden clocks we make - then Contact Us with your ideas. Please note - All custom orders will be considered, but depending on our workload and the complexity of the design, not all custom orders will be accepted.

Here are just a few examples of some of the custom handmade wooden clocks we have made .

Unique & Unusual Handmade Wood Mantel Clocks - Very tall free-form Poplar Mantel Clock

Custom Handcrafted Rustic Wooden Desk Clock

This custom wooden desk clock was ordered as a gift for a friend who's cabin was surrounded by Birch trees. She wanted the clock to be very rustic / natural looking, so we took a Birch branch, split it and dried the wood thoroughly. The cut surface was sanded very smooth, the bark stabilized so it would not separate, and 5 coats of varnish applied to finish it off.

Original Custom Handcrafted Wooden Minnesota State Shaped Wall Clocks - 2 different styles of the same Minnesota state shape. Other state shapes may be custom ordered.

Minnesota State - Custom Shaped Wall Clock

The Minnesota shaped wooden wall clocks shown are custom made for a re-occuring award. The state shape was carefully handcrafted and shaped to get as much detail of the state boarders as possible. Both are custom made of Oak, but with different grain orientation, clock parts, and stained vs natural finish. A 'state shaped' wooden wall clock would also be a unique gift to remind someone of 'home'.

Unique Custom Handcrafted Wood Mantel Clocks - Custom Quarter-sawn Oak 'Pillar' Mantel Clock, left unfinished.

Custom Quarter-Sawn Oak Mantel Clock

This wooden 'Pillar' mantel clock was custom made of quarter-sawn Red Oak - requested by the customer. The clock was handmade to replicate the dimensions and details of a clock from her childhood. This custom clock was left unfinished - the stain to be applied by the customer (custom shade to match her woodwork).

Original & Custom Handcrafted Wooden Mantel Clocks - Custom Wood Desk Clock with 3 Clock Faces

Custom '3-Clock' Handcrafted Wooden Desk Clock

This custom wooden desk clock has 3 different styled clock inserts. The person's job required her to know the time in 2 other countries. but she didn't want to take up much desk space. We've custom made several of these 'multiple clocks'. They are great gifts for students away at school, family members in other countries, or for that vacation home. Maybe we can custom make a clock (or two) for your unique situation.

Unique & Unusual Custom Handmade Wood Wall Clocks - Contemporary Maple & Brazillian Cherry Pendulum Wall Clock

Custom Contemporary Pendulum Wall Clock

This contemporary pendulum wooden wall clock was custom made of Maple & Brazilian Cherry for a wedding gift. The recipient wanted very clean lines with a simplistic/modern clock face to allow the natural contrasting colors and marbled grain of the Maple to stand out. We also custom handcrafted the pendulum bob out of the same Brazilian Cherry, to tie it all together.

Unique Custom Handcrafted Wood Mantel Clocks - Very Large Handmade Sculpted Ash Pendulum Mantel Clock

Very Large & Custom, Sculpted Ash Mantel Clock

This custom wooden mantle clock measured over 3' tall with 6 layers, individually sculpted to depict a tree trunk. The key-wound clock movement & clock face were accessible behind the hinged front (7th) layer. The pendulum swung in a large sculpted cavity dyed jet black. This was a massive clock. Custom requests for similar size clocks would only be considered in the Minneapolis Minnesota area.

Unique Custom Handcrafted Wood Mantel Clocks - Very Large Handmade Sculpted Ash Pendulum Mantel Clock

Custom Made Walnut & Maple Desk Clock

Our original 2-piece 'pendulum' desk clock is custom ordered (of Walnut & Maple with a gold-tone clock insert) by an east-coast university for an annual award. (They obtain the engraved plaque locally.) We try to keep a variety of this very unusual & popular desk clock design available - but if we don't have what you are looking for - maybe we can be custom make one for you.

Unique Custom Handcrafted Wood Mantel Clocks - Very Large Handmade Sculpted Ash Pendulum Mantel Clock

Very Special Custom Pendulum Wall Clock

This large very special handcrafted wood wall clock was custom made for a very special person. Made of Oak with an American Walnut stain. The dark color, thick decorative framing and raised routered octagon clock area, gives it a more traditional appearance. The pendulum clock bob has an unusual, more central location above the display shelf.

Unique Custom Handcrafted Wood Mantel Clocks - Very Large Handmade Sculpted Ash Pendulum Mantel Clock

Custom Walnut & Maple Pendulum Mantel Clock

The large wooden mantle clock to the right was custom made using a similar clock design we had made in the past as a reference. The company wanted a special retirement gift - unusual but practical, elegant yet a little rustic, and obviously out of solid hard-wood. We sculpted contrasting layers Walnut and Maple for the a-symmetrical shape. The unique clock insert has a pendulum with oversize bob.

Original Custom Handcrafted Wood Indiana State Shaped Wall Clocks - made of solid Walnut with accurate dipiction of the Indiana state shape. Wonderful, personal retirement gifts.

Custom Indiana State Shaped Wooden Wall Clock

The Indiana state shaped wooden wall clock shown was custom made from Walnut as a special retirement gift for an Indiana State worker. Most state shaped clocks you find are only a rough impressions of the actual state shape. This individually handcrafted Indiana state shape clock was precisely sculpted to get as much accurate detail of the Indiana boarders as possible.

We are a very small woodworking company. Each of our original & custom wooden desk clocks is individually and personally handcrafted by us in our Minnesota workshop.

(Note - we can now offer custom Laser Engraving on many of our Wooden Clocks)

100% solid wood, 100% handmade in the USA.

Check out our handmade wooden 'Desk-Mantle Clocks' and our
handcrafted wooden 'Wall Clocks / Decor' to see what is currently in stock,
then, Contact Us with your custom clock design ideas.

Custom Made Handcrafted Wooden Desk, Mantel & Wall Clocks

by VanEss Expressions

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