Original Handcrafted Wooden Desk Clocks, Mantel Clocks & Wall Clocks - decorative & functional handmade wooden clocks.

VanEss Expressions is ceasing all operations.

We will sell what little remains in our On Line Store , but then we are going to
re-think exactly what we want we want to do & how best to proceed in the future.

VanEss Expressions is a Ma & Pa operation - and we both work full time 'regular' jobs.
We started VanEss Expressions because we love working with wood and creating
unique & original wood gifts and home decor items. But in the past few years - it has
started to totally consume our lives, and we have found it just impossible to keep up.
We hope to be back someday- but I don't know when.

We apologize for not responding to those who have recently sent in inquiries,
and our sincere apologies and 'Thanks' to our long time, devoted customers.

Original & custom handmade wooden desk clocks clocks, mantel clocks & wall clocks. Oak, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Hickory and multi-wood clocks.  100% hard-wood, 100% handmade in the USA.

Handcrafted wooden desk clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks are functional home decor, but also make excellent gifts that will be appreciated for many years.

VanEss Expressions offers original & custom wooden clocks, individually handcrafted in Minneapolis Minnesota from Oak, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Hickory and Multi-Wood (custom wood requests accepted).

100% Hard-Wood - - - 100% HandMade in the USA.

Unique & unusual handcrafted wooden desk clocks make decorative & functional wooden gifts that are appreciated daily.

Handcrafted Wood Desk Clocks

Original handmade wooden desk clocks can decorate & personalize any desk, table or night stand. And unusual, handcrafted custom-made wooden desk clocks are great gifts for students, co-workers or your own home office. Our original 2-piece 'pendulum' desk clocks (shown) are very popular - yet unique - individually handcrafted. Check out the original handmade wooden desk clocks, currently in stock.

Traditional & contemporary handcrafted wooden mantel clocks make great gifts that will last for years.

Handmade Wooden Mantel Clocks

Unique & unusual handcrafted wooden mantel clocks can tie together a decorative display on a large fireplace mantel, or be the focal point on a 'want-to-be faux mantel table. Wood mantle clocks can be very traditional to quite contemporary but are always in style. Unusual handcrafted wooden mantel clocks also make wonderful housewarming gifts and perfect anniversary gifts (5th wedding anniversary is Wood). Please check out our original & custom handcrafted wooden mantel clocks.

Handmade wooden wall clocks come in a variety of sizes as a focal point, to tuck into a corner or disguise a problem area.  Wood compliments any home decor,

Handcrafted Wood Wall Clocks

From large decorative wooden wall clocks to highlight a wall, to small functional wooden wall clocks to tuck into corners, original handcrafted wooden wall clocks add color, contrast and style. They can also be a beautiful way to disguise a problem wall. The wall clock shown combines 16 individual pieces of Walnut and Ash. Please check out our
Custom handcrafted wood desk clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks are functional home decor and decorative, lasting gifts.original & custom handmade
wooden wall clocks.

Custom Handmade Wooden Clocks

Desk clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks are necessary items found in every home but can also be a beautiful, decorative way to accessorize your home decor. Wood is warm, has unlimited design possibilities, complements any home decor, and never goes out of style. Custom made handcrafted wooden desk clocks, mantel clocks and wall clocks express your personal taste and personality. Custom handmade wooden desk, mantel and wall clocks are also are great gifts. Please check out our original handcrafted wooden desk, mantel & wall clocks to get ideas of clocks we can custom make for you. (The unusual pendulum mantel clock shown to the right was custom ordered using a similar mantel clock as a reference.) Contact Us with your ideas.

To see the Handmade Wooden Desk & Mantel Clocks currently in stock - - - 'Desk-Mantle Clocks'
To see the Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clocks currently in stock - - - 'Wall Clocks / Decor'

(Note - we can now offer custom Laser Engraving on many of our Wooden Clocks)

And, please check out our On-Line Store to see all of the original handcrafted
wooden gifts & home decor items available for immediate purchase, and
Contact Us with any questions or requests for custom orders.

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